FENCING SINGAPORE (formerly known as “Amateur Fencing Association of Singapore”) was established in 1965 and is the national governing body for the sport of fencing. Currently, there are 3000 fencers in the fencing community. By actively participating in international competitions, organising international events and promoting the sport to more youths, Fencing Singapore aims to raise the profile of the sport and to achieve medals at the highest levels of global competition.


To Promote, Develop Our Sport and Inspire the Community to Enter, Engage and Excel in Fencing


A Collaborative & Vibrant Fencing Community Achieving Excellence Together

Intended Impact

A Fencing Community of 8,000 Strong by 2024 inspired by a Pipeline of Olympic-ready Fencers from 2020


F – Ferocity in our Passion and Commitment
E – Exhibit Integrity and Sportsmanship
N – Never give up (Resilience)
C – Communication and Transparency
E – Exercise Teamwork and Cooperation