Fencing Singapore Annual General Meeting 2019

“…Education is an important part of Safe Sport and we will be actively updating the community. Concluding, we would like to express our thanks to everyone in FS – affiliates, coaches, fencers, parents, schools and volunteers who are in this journey with us. With the next round of MYSP, we look forward to working with everyone to continue this journey with us. Together – We are FS.”

Ms Juliana Seow
President of Fencing Singapore (FS)
Executive Member, Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC)

Fencing Singapore held its Annual General Meeting 2019 on 29 August 2019, Thursday, 8.00 pm at the Sports Singapore’s Team Nila room.

President of Fencing Singapore (FS), Ms Juliana Seow, began by welcoming all our FS members, followed by Ms Chong Yi Mei, General Manager outlining FS’s various achievements over the past year and the 2017/18 Financial Report.