New Online Ranking System

Over the past months, Fencing Singapore has been working on a new online ranking system which provides a better interface and ease in finding information of the ranking tabulation.

We are glad to announce that the system now is ready for viewing. It is a more simplified and friendlier version of the manual excel sheet that we have been using.

Visit our new online ranking system now.

ALL SINGAPORE FENCERS requesting access must email and with your FULL NAME and preferred EMAIL address in order for us to link your profile and ranking records. DO NOT click on ‘Register a new account’ until we reply you on your username details.

*Email address is best to be your own personal one as your parent may have their own separate account*

COACHES, AFFILIATES & PARENTS may directly click on ‘Register a new account’ to access the rankings.

Should you have any feedback, feel free to email to us: