SPONSORSHIP 101: Building A Strong Biography

Fencing Singapore team up with Nicholas Smith, Public Relations and Communications Professional to hosted the 1st series of the 3 part Webinars, titled: Sponsorship 101: Building A Strong Biography for our fencers in the Olympic Pathway Programme (OPP) and SPEX Scholarship.

An hour of sharing with Nicholas Smith, the fencers learned how they can enhanced their biography; from describing who are their aspired athlete(s) & how these admiration(s) lead them to become who they are today (as fencer), and the accomplished achievements over the years which defines them as a national fencer in Singapore.

In the next webinar series, titled: Vlog Your Heart with Jonathan Foo, a 25-year veteran of the media, technology and education industries. Jonathan will be sharing the techniques in posting short videos onto website or social media account.