Some name this challenge as the hardest ever created in the history of fencing, so Fencing Singapore like to post this challenge to our fencers and challenge them to it.


1 x Empty Toilet Roll
1 x Fencing Blade (for fencers) or Stick / chopstick (non-fencer)


Step ONE – Hold the empty Toilet Roll on your hand
Step TWO – Throw the empty Toilet Roll up in the air
Step THREE – Pierce the empty Toilet Roll with your Blade or Stick/Chopstick

1. Be creative and show us your creativity in this challenge.
2. Winner gets to nominate another fencer / friend to take up the challenge
3. Remember to hastag (#toiletrollchallenge / #fencingsingapore) your video

Below is the video sample of the challenge:

Meanwhile Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Active, and enjoy this challenge!

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