This is an exciting time for fencing in Singapore.

In the last few years, our Singapore Fencers have achieved significantly in regional and international arenas. We event have our first Asian Games Medallist and World Cadet Champion!

Our Singapore Fencers are now poised on their journey towards the Olympics. This will be a hard and long journey spanning over at least 2 olympic cycle (2020 and 2040). There will be triumphs. There will be heartaches https://cial..-cialis-in-uk/. But their indomitable spirit can and will succeed, but with only the support of the community.

Interest in fencing has also grown significantly. Today, it is estimated we have about 5,000 fencers in Singapore. With more than 1,000 fencers taking part in local competitions in 2016.

The Industry Relations Sub Committee of Fencing Singapore is set up to engage corporations and individuals to help sponsor and support both our elite programmes like the Olympic Pathway Programme as well as high participation programmes like the School Outreach Programme.

Sponsorship may in cash and/or kind/service, and we will recognise our invaluable partners with sponsor benefits. All sponsorships will be properly accounted and managed through the Fencing Singapore EXCO.

If you think you can contribute, please drop us a note at (General Manager for FS), or approach any of our Executive Committee (exco) members.

The last time Singapore Fencers fought in the Olympics was in the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games. With the community’s support, Singapore Fencers will, once again, do battle in the Olympics for Singapore.

This is indeed an exciting time for fencing in Singapore. We hope you will join in to give our Singapore Fencers the boost they need.

Be part of our Olympic Journey Today!



Ng Hock Sing
Yau Wee Sian
Jonathan Foo
Nicholas Smith