The RPL is the acknowledgement of experiences in skills and knowledge pertaining to Fencing and its related facets. This may come in the form of formal trainings, work experiences and academic achievements on an individual. Details of such information should be presented as evidence to Fencing Singapore (FS) to be assessed upon application.

Applicants should supply documentary proof of prior learning. These documents can include: certificates of coaching courses, relevant academic transcripts and certificates, references, projects and assignments, training programmes, etc. These should include a brief summary of learning gained.

Should there be an inability to demonstrate evidence for certain claims, FS may request for a demonstration of competence (such as practical coaching assessment) to fulfil accreditation criterion. This is up to the discretion of FS.

Procedure for Technical RPL Application

The applicant must satisfy the prerequisites as stated in the table below to be considered for accreditation to the appropriate level. Applicants need to illustrate previous levels of achievements before they can apply for accreditation to be an SG-Coach Accredited Fencing Coach. For RPL on sports science and coaching theory, the applicant may consult CoachSG via

Full Integration Accreditation Level 1 – Pre-requisites

Basic Requirement

  • Minimum age of 18 (based on date of birth)
  • Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC) accredited valid standard First Aid Certificate with CPR + AED
  • Values and Principles in Sport (VPS) certificate
  • Min. 1 year and / or 100 hours of documented coaching experience at the mass participation level
  • Sign Letter of Declaration
  • Sign and submit Coaches’ Code of Conduct Form
  • Payment of $100.00 to FS for assessment fees

Technical Requirement (minimum one criteria to be fulfilled)

  • Diploma or above in Coaching (Fencing) / Sports Science*
  • Attainment of IOC Coaching (Fencing) Level 1 Certificate or equivalent*
  • Documented proof of Level 2 – Prevot (Instructor) recognized by International Masters of Arms Qualification System (AAI)
  • Attainment of NCAP Theory L1 OR Basic Sports Science (BSS) and SG-Coach Theory Level 1 Certificate or its accreditation(s)
  • Minimum 5 years of coaching experience and documented proof of being primary coach at least 2 Athlete(s) who were member(s) of cadet, junior or senior National Game Squad (NGS)

* You may be required to take up certain modules if your documents are insufficient in fulfilling the outcomes of the modules. 

Each FS Coach Excellence Accreditation Programme contains a set of learning outcomes and associated performance criteria that must be achieved before a participant will be deemed competent. In broad terms, the process of RPL involves matching what participants already know and can currently do, with the learning outcomes of each module.

To apply for accreditation, applicant is required to fill up the RPL application form and substantiate them with detailed documentary evidences of prior learning or competencies.

Step 1: Request

Applicants wishing to apply for RPL, or any of the FS Coach Excellence Accreditation programmes, may download copies of the RPL or Accreditation forms, from the FS website.

Step 2: Submission of evidence / information

The RPL can only be granted on based on current evidence and competencies that they are currently able to demonstrate. Applicants should make clear on the RPL form the accreditation level (Levels 1, 2, or 3) they are applying for. There are many ways that a person can show evidence of their current competencies in the RPL form in. The following are a few examples of the ways evidence can be provided. The person will need to include a variety of these in their application form.

Education and training

  • Formal, accredited and informal training
  • Copies of certificates, qualifications achieved from other accreditation programs, school or tertiary results
  • Statements outlining accreditation programs and or study that they have undertaken and the learning outcomes / competencies achieved from these

Coaching related experience

  • Résumé of coaching experience and positions held, and / or testimonials from previous employers
  • Copies of any statements, references or articles about the coach’s employment or community involvement
  • Relevant coaching samples eg, copies of training plans and programmes that the person has written, videos of them coaching at Fencing events
  • Reports on opportunities undertaken, which could include evaluations from training programmes conducted

Life experiences

  • Overview of sport and recreation involvement
  • Relevant work or other experiences
  • Evidence of home / self-directed study which may include a list of recent readings, synopsis of seminars attended, reports of own research / analysis undertaken

Note: Please remember, the above are only examples. The person should provide all the documentation which clearly shows evidence of the competencies they hold. The person may also be required to demonstrate their expertise by written and / or practical demonstration.

Submission e-mail address:

Step 3: Assessment of application

Fencing Singapore will review the application based on the evidences provided by the applicant and compare them according to the competencies required for the SG-Coach Accredited Fencing Coach level in Singapore.

In the event of partial completion or insufficient evidence provided, the applicant may be required to fulfil assessments. These assessments can be in the form of (but not limited to):

  • Submission of Seasonal Training Plans
  • Submission of Session plans
  • Evidence of reviewing own coaching work
  • Case studies
  • Workbooks
  • Worksheets
  • Videos
  • Examinations
  • Workplace documentation or references
  • Athlete Experience
  • Coaching Experience
  • Attachment to working with a senior coach / official (Remuneration not guaranteed)

Successful applicants will receive the appropriate local certification and be placed under the FS database. Once all information has been provided, FS and Coach SG will convene to discuss each application. Once the application and the accompanying documents / evidence have been deemed sufficient to demonstrate competency, the applicant’s application would be considered VALID (see Step 4).

If there are discrepancies in any of the application procedures and/or information provided by the applicant, the applicant would be requested to (but not limited to):

  • supply further supporting documentation
  • complete certain assessment activities
  • complete parts of an accreditation programme

Step 4: Notification

The applicant will be notified of the result of the application for RPL within 2 months from date of receipt of the RPL form by FS. Applicants will be notified of the result by e-mail.

Should there be an inability to demonstrate evidence for certain claims, FS may request for a separate interview / session (such as practical coaching assessment) for the applicant to demonstrate the competency(ies) in question.

Applicants have the right to appeal to the decision of FS with a payment of $100. Their application will then be reviewed by FS, and may take up to 2 months of process. The decision made will be final.

This appeal fee would be refunded pending a successful appeal. This process may take up a further two months. It is important to note that the decision from FS is FINAL and no subsequent appeals from the same applicant, pertaining to the same case, would be entertained.

All documents and relevant fees must be submitted to:

Fencing Singapore Office

3 Stadium Drive, #01-33

Singapore 397630