Course Objective

Level 1 provides an introduction to coaching and is the minimum requirement for coaching in fencing. The Level 1 Coach will gain skills and knowledge on how to successfully introduce fencing to beginners, to understand how people can be attracted to fencing and what can be done to provide a safe, enjoyable and challenging environment. This course is integrated with SG Coach Level 1 Theory and Values and Principles in Sports and will be conducted jointly by Learning Facilitators from both Republic Polytechnic and Fencing Singapore respectively.

Participants need to be 18 years old and above. All registration is managed by Republic Polytechnic.

Course Content

  • Theory – Coaching theories, Sport Safety and Safe Sport, Fencing Terminology, Basic Rules, Classification of Basic Fencing Strategic elements.
  • Foundational Sport Science (FSS) – Introduction to Exercise and Sports, Anatomy and injury prevention, Sports biomechanics, Sports nutrition, Sports physiology, Sports psychology, Strength and conditioning
  • Values and Principles in Sports – Key role coaches, Personal coaching philosophy, Positive coaching principles, Coaching ethics and expectations, Game-for-Life framework, Anti-Doping principles & practices
  • Practical – How to introduce, develop and improve basic fencing skills. How to plan and to deliver a group session safely using the delivery process skills of: instruction and explanation, providing demonstrations, observation and analysis and providing feedback.

Course Structure

Course Completion Requirement

In order to complete this course, participants will need to:

  1. Complete all Theory modules & quizzes using E-learning platform
  2. Attend all sessions of the coaching course
  3. Successfully pass the assessment at the end of the course
  4. Submit and clear all course submissions
  5. Complete a 30-hr practical experience assignment under certified Coach
  6. Hold a valid Standard First Aid certification

Course Outcome

Upon completion of the Course, Candidate should be able to independently:

  • Create a Plan of training session specific to the participant needs
  • Conduct and organize group sessions safely
  • Teach basic techniques and tactics on the 3 weapons
  • Deliver sessions using basic coaching methodology
  • Correct errors in basic fencing techniques
  • Conduct exercises that help physical development

Course Instructor

Zoran Tulum has been a coach for more than 35 years. His career took him from winning the Yugoslav National Championships to coaching the US National Team at the Olympic Games. In 2014, Zoran Tulum was named National Coach for the US Men’s Sabre program. He served as US Fencing’s Men’s Team Coach at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 and in Tokyo 2021.

Course Schedule

3 – 13 October 2023OnlinePre-registration
17 – 27 October 2023OnlineCourse Registration
23 October – 10 November 2023OnlineE-Learning Period
13 November 20236pm – 9pmTBC6pm – Introduction
Foundational Sports Science Exam
7pm – 1st Attempt
8pm – 2nd Attempt
14 November 20236pm – 9pmTBCWhat to Coach – Basic Techniques
15 November 20236pm – 9pmTBCWhat to Coach – Mistake Corrections
16 November 20236pm – 9pmTBCHow to Coach – Group Organization
17 November 20236pm – 9pmTBCHow to Coach – Games for Understanding Fencing
18 November 202310am – 1pm
2pm – 5pm
TBCWhat to Coach – Basic Technique & Mistake Corrections
18 November 20239am – 10amTBCSG Coach Level 1 Exam (1st Attempt)
19 November 20236pm – 9pmTBCHow to Coach – Group Organization & Games for Understanding
19 November 20239pm – 10pmTBCSG Coach Level 1 Exam (2nd Attempt)

Course Fees

Full Course Fees
(39 years old and below)
(40 years old and above)
SME Sponsored
SME Sponsored
Singapore PR
The course fees payable above are inclusive of 8% GST rate.

For all course-related enquiries, please email Marko Milic at fstd@fencingsingapore.org.sg